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An Online Platform Built To Develop Millennial Professionals

21Mill is the first ever micro-learning platform built to help young professionals succeed in the workplace. Our mobile-based platform can be accessed anytime, anywhere from a variety of devices.

Millennial-Based Learning Anytime, Anywhere

21mill’s intelligent training platform consists of 10-15 minute micro modules centered around millennial-specific training topics. Our mobile and desktop apps are accessible 24/7.

21mill is built for the Millennials in your organization and comes pre-loaded with 40+ training topics such as Understanding Generations, Putting Down The Device and Integrating Social Media At Work. 21mill can also be customized to fit the exact training needs of your organization.

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Navigators to Guide the Way

21mill is more than a self-directed learning tool. Our navigators provide personalized feedback based on learner interaction. Learners receive timely encouragement that fuels a successful learning process.

US companies spend $156 billion in employee learning with an estimated 90% of new skills being lost within a year. Lack of follow up, no accountability and absent post training support is to blame. With 21mill’s commitment to post training support, we ensure the learner gets the attention he or she requires.

Real World Activities to Deepen Learning

Learning studies have proven that watching videos only produces a 10% retention rate. When the learner practices by doing, the retention rates spike to between 75% and 95%!

Every one of 21mill’s modules has a homework assignment that gets the learner to practice the learning in real time. This real world experience is one of the keys to our learners having such a positive experience.

Reporting and Feedback to Keep You In the Know

Perhaps the most difficult (and often forgotten) component of effective training is reporting on what happens after training is finished. 21mill’s platform is built to provide recurring reports to management and HR personnel using a combination of automated reporting and human intelligence.

With 21mill it’s easy to track learner progress and gain keen insights into organizational successes.