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Whether you’re an individual looking to take your professional development seriously, or an organization intent on attracting and retaining talent, we’d be delighted to serve you.

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Access to All 21 Modules
12 Month Access per Learner (24/7)
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Seamless, mobile-friendly learning

Engaging video clips

Relevant text and audio content

Steps for quick transfers of knowledge and skills

Collaboration in a social learning environment

Thought-provoking and experiential questions

Real-world application assignments

Ongoing coaching support


Why 21 Modules?

A common theme we hear from organizations is less is more. Prior to creating the 21mill curriculum we spoke to hundreds of organizations about their needs in developing young professionals. We then distilled the most common themes and created a powerful curriculum to address those needs in the way Millennials learn. Instead of hundreds of general use courses that may or may not apply, 21mill is the preeminent curriculum of curated Millennial topics.

Curriculum Topics

All of 21mill’s active courses are available for purchase. Courses are being added all the time and will be accessible with a valid subscription. 21mill’s courses are designed for Millennials at all points in their careers, from just starting your professional journey to those getting ready for a leadership role. All courses are supported by 21mill’s navigators and developed to be short, sweet and highly impactful.

Brainstorming Tools & Tricks

Brainstorming Tools & Tricks

8-Ways To Think Outside The Box
Navigating Difficult Conversations

Navigating Difficult Conversations

5-Ways To Execute Tough Talk
Creating Career Trajectory with Accountability

Creating Career Trajectory with Accountability

Setting Yourself Up For Success
Skillfully Building a Network

Skillfully Building a Network

How To Network & Why It Is Important
Necessity of Sacrifice

Necessity of Sacrifice

Getting From The  Bottom To The Top
Work Smarter by Prioritizing

Work Smarter by Prioritizing

Planning Using Importance & Urgency Metrics
Time Management for the Modern Worker

Time Management for the Modern Worker

Eliminating, Automating & Delegating
Learn Anything Like A Pro

Learn Anything Like A Pro

4-Keys To Quick Learning
Maximize Relationships by Knowing Your Audience

Maximize Relationships by Knowing Your Audience

4-Workplace Profiles Explained (DISC)

The 4 C’s of 21mill

Clear Cut

21mill’s Millennial training is direct and to the point. According to a study done by Microsoft, the average attention span of a Millennial is 8 seconds. This is why each training session is short, sweet and effective.


Most training content for young professionals is disturbingly out of touch with modern day. Our curriculum is built to captivate and is far from boring.


After learning, simply digesting the information isn’t enough to create change. By asking relevant questions and provoking thoughts, learners connect their personal experiences to what they’ve learned.

Create (Apply)

Arguably the most important part of learning is tying the learning to real-world experience. Retention of videos and lectures is generally between 5-10%. But retention skyrockets to over 75% when the learner has a related experience.